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Dedicated to helping individuals realize their true potential, the CA | TF offers innovative, comprehensive, and specialized training programs. With expert instruction, a proven training methodology, professional-grade facilities and a challenging and motivating learning environment that brings together individuals of all ages and backgrounds, CA | TF provides the ultimate foundation for future success. The curriculum will be based on engaging the students to have fun while learning the fundamentals of skateboarding. Classes will focus on board awareness, confidence building, balance, and safety. CA | TF will focus on developing the best action sports athletes on the planet. With some of the world’s top trainers, professional level facilities, cutting-edge technology and customized training programs, the CA | TF athletes will dominate the competition at every level for years to come.

Development 2:


A program developed for those entry-level to intermediate skateboarders that are looking to progress their skateboarding.


Keys to this program are safety, fun and progression.


Some of our skaters will be encouraged to enter some entry level competitions, based on their skill set and passion.


Our professional coaches will help guide our skaters, and help stoke their passion.


Offered Tuesdays and Thursdays. This is a great value program to help the kids improve their skateboarding.


$250 per month 

  • All ability levels considered but having the basics down is a must

  • Excellent skater to trainer ratio

  • Private lessons available

  • Professional trainers and instructors

  • Fun, safe environment

Training Programs Skateboarding
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