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A program designed for those that are passionate for skateboarding and want to progress their skills towards entering their first developmental skateboard event and graduating to our main training facility.


The program will be held on campus in our outdoor course, where our riders will learn and master all the skills they need to move their skating into bigger features and parks.


To qualify for this program riders must be able to complete basic movements on a skateboard, like pushing, riding, tic tacs and basic kick turns, the ability to maneuver basic rolls, inclines, banks and master riding through a basic street course (not including hitting features). Balance and and effective stance must be demonstrated.


As soon as the skills are mastered and consistent, the rider can be promoted to our Level 4 Program.


Ages – 6 to 13 years of age.


Minimum Sessions per week: 2


Note – As this is a skills progression program, we recommend 4 sessions or more per week. This will allow the skater to graduate to our Level 4 program in the quickest time possible.



2 sessions per week $350 per month

3 sessions per week $450 per month

4 sessions per week $550 per month

5 sessions per week $650 per month


More sessions available, inquire within.

Billed once a month. (6 month commitment).

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